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Information about PlateHero


Community marketplace

Plate Hero is an online community marketplace for homemade meals. Plate Hero allows its customers to buy authentic homemade meals from their local community, all for a price that is affordable. It allows anyone to enter the world of cooking and become a chef, while having their own virtual restaurant and that all for a price that is affordable. Plate Hero features hundreds of unique recipes and cuisines that aren’t usually available in restaurants. 

People and communities are being polarized each day, companies are sending people to Mars, yet over 900 million people remain hungry, yet we are in an economic recession, thousands of restaurants going bankrupt each day and thousands of people lose their jobs.

There are many people dealing with this modern-day issue of the food dilemma.

Many people in the community seek for affordable, healthy, and authentic food. 

Why don’t we follow the tradition we’ve been doing for thousands of years of taking home recipes that have been perfected over time in homes and cultures and start sharing the joy of food that’s being locally prepared amongst us in our neighborhood. 

The thing Plate Hero really prides itself on is this ethnic authentic component, the users can get a Italian cook, Vietnameese cook, Morrocan cook, or Arabic cook. You can taste a dish that is  very authentic to its culture, these recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and perfected over time.

It’s increasingly hard for a regular person with local production to promote their product into a store, why don’t we allow them to get recognised and give the community products made with love and are local?