About Us

Behind each Plate is a Hero

The Future is Homemade

PlateHero was started in March 2020 in Stockholm. Since then we have been validating, testing, working and improving the concept. Our aim is to create equal economic opportunities within communities and positively disturb and innovate the hospitality industry to better and make it accessible to anyone who is dreaming of starting their own food business.

Ever since food always brought us together and it is the universal language to all cultures. We want to enable anyone to express themselves through the joy of food and monetize their unique signature recipes to billions of hungry customers.

Separately, PlateHero is actively working with the local authorities to even more democratize the microenterprise home kitchen operations all around the world!

We create economic opportunity

PlateHero supports and acts as a modern day factory of local independent home kitchens and dark kitchens, and helps to expand sense of local and diverse communities.

Eat one, Feed one

Starting October 2021 we have started working with Eat One, Feed One. Our goal is to make food accessible all over the world. Food shouldn't be exclusive and everyone have a right to a healthy meal. Buying 1 meal with PlateHero will buy 1 meal to poverty affected countries, local home shelters and other less fortunate people. This is our SDG promise.

Our values

Travel with your mouth

No matter how far away from home you are, or dream destination, we bring it to you.

The future is homemade

Everything starts at home.

Good deeds are contaigous

It takes only little to make a difference. Be the change we all want to see!

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