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Order and sell food from your home

Find fresh, exceptional food made with love by approved chefs from your neighborhood. Support passion, fight food waste and order easily online.

How it works?


Search for home-cooked meals made nearby. All of our chefs are verified and approved for meeting all the criteria.


Add dishes to your order and checkout in just a few steps. Meals can be ordered as dine-in, pick-up or deliver.


Eat delicious traditional meals made by the people living in your neighborhood.

Meals of the week!

Top picks, most popular and most frequently ordered meals in this week. Taste something new and explore the city from a new perspective.

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Travel with your mouth!

Explore different types of cuisines and check out the new meals in your neighborhood.

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Earn money by cooking!

Start your own restaurant from the comfort of your home and earn money by doing what you really love.

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Meet our top-rated chefs!

Taste their culture and get to know their incredible stories.

Endless Posibilities

Fight Food Waste

Food deserves a second chance! Made too much food for your dinner? Don't throw it out! There is a lot of people, who will enjoy it.

Donate Meals

Cooked too much? Donate! We make sure that food ends in the right hands. Good deeds are contagious!

Live Stream

See how our chefs prepare your meal right from their kitchen. Have a chat with them and get to know the story behind their meals. Check by yourself who you’re ordering from!

Check who is already cooking meals in your town!