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Food sharing platform

Order and sell food or surpluss food from your home

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Earn money from your kitchen! Sell your homemade meals and show your talent in the community!


Share surplus food and prevent food waste, sharing is caring!


There are many others who need your help and can't afford a proper meal, share your food with the less fortunate!

Listings from neighbours

Explore surplus food and meals around you, be an engaged member of your community!

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Share surplus food!

Besides selling homemade meals, with PlateHero you can also share surplus food and prevent food waste in your home!

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Our partners

At BADASSBANANAS, we believe that no banana gets left behind. That’s why we save brown bananas as the base for our homemade #nicecream! It’s a wonderful way to indulge while fuelling your body with real food that is rich in flavor and nutrients. Good for you. Good for the planet. Made with love in Sweden

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Have an impact on the reality that surrounds us.