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Homemade food from local home chefs

Eat authentic, homemade food & explore new recipes in your community!

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Search for authentic meals made by talented chefs near you. All of our chefs are permitted and vetted for utmost safety & quality.


Add dishes to your order and checkout in just a few steps. Don't hesitate to inform the chef about any dietary needs!


Eat delicious and unique homemade food made by certified chefs in your neighborhood!

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Explore local, authentic meals made with love for a fantastic price!

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Food waste

Households are responsible for 60-70% of global food waste. Much of it is perfectly edible and nutritious. Partially used ingredients, misjudged food needs and overbuying are among the main causes of food waste in households.

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At BADASSBANANAS, we believe that no banana gets left behind. That’s why we save brown bananas as the base for our homemade #nicecream! It’s a wonderful way to indulge while fuelling your body with real food that is rich in flavor and nutrients. Good for you. Good for the planet. Made with love in Sweden

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Sell homemade meals and earn money, just fill out the application and we'll help you get started!

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Would you like to give away or sell food for a small amount instead of throwing it out? Share it in your community!

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