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Our Home Chefs prepare traditional dishes from their home country, you get to taste and explore new flavours each day and travel with your mouth even during work!

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Our Home Chefs are here to offer you a variety of their signature meals! From vegetarian to classic!😋

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Each meal is freshly prepared by our verified home Chefs on the delivery day!

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Don't bother with cooking! Taste and explore new unique recipes prepared by local home chefs.

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Eat One, Feed One

It gets better, We value sustainability and for every participant to be a winner. We want together with you, to forge a brighter tomorrow, so for every meal you eat, we are in your name feeding someone around the world in need. Eventually our goal is that with our gathered effert and our growth, with the modern digitalisation and latest innovative tools, we could make sure that no one around the world sleeps hungry!

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Signature Meals😍

Our verified Home Chefs always make sure you get to taste their signature dish you would hardly find in any other restaurant.

Dal Adas (Persian Lentil Stew)
SEK 40.00 SEK

Lentil stew is one of the healthiest dishes ever. If you are vegetarian and you worry about your health and you are careful with your diet, we highly recommend you trying this dish

Included in subscription
Bean Stew (Fasolia)
SEK 45.00 SEK

Marqat fasolia is a nourishing and hearty meal, most often enjoyed during winter. It is usually served alongside white rice, as rice is a popular ingredient in Iraq.

Included in subscription
Baghali Polo
SEK 65.00 SEK

Baghali polo is the famous Persian dill rice with fava beans. It is a traditional favorite and a definite item on Persian restaurant menus.

Included in subscription
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Where we deliver?

We deliver in Stockholm😎 
Homemade meals at work, without cooking

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Free delivery in Stockholm

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start a subscribtion?

Due to high demand, we have a waiting list, just fill out the form here. We on-board users gradually based on our delivery areas. We want to make sure all of our users will have the best experience and we appreciate much your support and interest!

How doesFree Trial work?

Want to first try out? Receive 1 meal for free with delivery, just fill out the form here. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours. You will then be able to select from a delivery day and time and enjoy your free homemade meal!

Can I select the meals I receive?

We give you the opportunity to select the dietary and any food allergies you might have. The delivery it self is a surprise! You can guess what delicous homemade meal will you get that day😋

How PlateHero works?

It's simple! Select a subscribtion, all subscribtions includes a daily delivery of freshly made homemade meals each day to your selected address. Our HomeChefs are verified that want to present their signature homemade meals to the community! Get homemade meals without cooking for an affordable price, while supporting local community!🥰

Where are you operating?

Currently we are located and operating only in Stockholm and in few selected city areas. But we will very soon announce new area, keep posted!😊

Who are the Chefs?

Our Home Chefs are just a passionate cooks that love cooking and looking for a way to share their passion and culture within the communtiy. All our Chefs are verified, the verification process includes food tasting, hygiene check along with home inspection.


Where are we?🏙️

Wondering where are we currently?

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