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Early Access

Share surplus food and fight food waste!

Choose by yourself how you want to contribute to saving food and sharing it with the other heroes. Eat wasteless. cook profitably & share the excess of food. Save the planet!

Not sure how? There you go!

How to give away?

Inspect your home and pick food or a meal that you won’t be able to use or eat and share them on PlateHero!

How to sell?

Take a few photos of your meals and the kitchen. Enjoy making money by fighting food waste!

How to collect?

Search for food in your location & choose your preferences, delivery, and make an order!

Food around you!

Explore surplus food and meals around you, get a good deal and do help to protect the environment!

See more!

Missing or looking for a specific food or meal?

Taste new recipes or just save food from your neighbours that you actually need!

Save food!

Good to see you down here, it means that you care.

We would be more than happy to have you with us. “Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”


Check who is already fighting food waste in your town!

Have an impact on the reality that surrounds us.